Myogi Photoropter, VT-5

• Elegant design for the appearance. Easy and flexible optical lens dials.
• Precise optical lens with top-grade coating.
• Top-grade quality View Tester in Far East.
• Capable of checking up all-sided visual functions, accurate and comfortable in measurement.
• Rotating risk is turned by sphere.
• Can make sphere power adjust in 3.00d big scope.
• Designed expediently and smartly for particular cross cylinder.
• Supplementary fittings of complete set could measure nearsight.
• Clear scale, convenient and durable operating.
• Suitable for eyesight examination in spectacle shops, department of ophthalmology, hospitals, schools and enterprises.



Sphere Power Ranges: +16.75D to -19.00D, with minimum reading 0.25D or 0.12D. (When +0.12D auxiliary lens or optional ±0.12D lens is in use)
+26.75D to -29.00D ( When optional ±10.00D lens is in use.
Cylinder Power Range: 0 to -6.00D, with minimum reading 0.25D or 0.12D (when auxiliary lens is in use)
0 to -8.00D (when -2.00D auxiliary lens is in use)
Astigmatic axis scale: 0 to 180° in 5° steps.
Cross Cylinder: ±0.25D, reversal type (synchronized with astigmatic axis)
Rotary prism: 0 to 20D in 1D step.
Interpupillary distance: 48 to 80mm in 1mm step (right and left synchronized)
Forehead rest adjustment: 16mm backward and forward.
Convergence: The optical axes of the lenses are aligned at a distance of 400mm from the vertexes of the corneas (2mm each for right and left inward)


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