Patternless (Tracing) Auto Edger, LE-9000T

• User-friendly Color LCD Panel
• Flexible and Versatile
• Built-in Tracer, High Speed and High Accuracy
• Wider Grinding Wheel, Auto Chamfering and Grooving
• Frame Meomory, The Patterns can be Stored, so it Improves Efficiency, Save Time and Storage Space



Processing System: Beveling, flat edging, grooving, polishing and chamfering. Auto mode and Guide mode. Processing lenses include glass, plastic and polycarbonate. Processing pressure of approximately 4.5kg.

Wheels: Roughing wheel for glass lens and plastic lens are each 100mm in diameter, 17mm in width. Finishing wheel is 100mm in diameter, 23mm in width. Polishing wheel for flat edge is 100mm in diameter, 23mm in width.

Water Supply: It is pump circulation requiring AC 100 – 230V.

Porcessing Accuracy: Size Accuracy of ±0.05mm. Axis angle of ±1°

Tracing Unit: Measurement accuracy of ±0.05mm and measurement time of 20 seconds.

Whole System: Dimesions of 520 x 485 x 330mm. Weightof 45kg. Power supply, 100-240V, 50/60Hz. Power Consumption of 1.2KVA (max during processing)

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 52 × 48.5 × 33 cm


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