Single LTL

• Easy to Use
• Fully Automatic Measurement Operation
• Tiltable LCD Screen for 120 Degrees
• Upgraded Built-In Thermal Printer
• Networking Ability
• Suitable Chin-rest & Head-rest
• Compact Design



• Easy to Use
It is equipped with a wide 7 inch colour TFT LCD with touchscreen panel to use all the functions with ease.
• Fully Automatic Measurement Operation
The correct position of the patient’s eye is available to be found automatically by internal-software without operation of joystick. Furthermore, the Single LTL is also able to align and measure the patient’s eye automatically with only a tap of a finger.
• Tiltable LCD Screen for 120 Degrees
The LCD screen enables operator to measure in a comfortable position even when the patient’s eyelid needs to be opened by the operator.
• Upgraded Built-in Thermal Printer
Equipped with a built-in printer, it offers a convenient 2-in-1 design, auto loading as well as cutting features. The Single LTL using RS-232C or wireless RFID, allowing it too connect to other devices such as an auto-vision tester, a PC, auto lensmeter and many more.
• Networking Ability
It allows connection with other devices such as an auto vision-tester, auto lensmeter, PC as well as EMR/EHR protocol system.
• Suitable Chin-rest & Head-rest
Single LTL provides the patients with a comfortable measuring environment by adopting the Chin-rest and Head-rest with a silicon rubber.

Refractometer Measurement:
Sphere: -25.00D ~ +25.00D (VD 12mm)(0.01 / 0.12 / 0.25D Steps)
Cylinder: 0 ~ ±10D (0.01 / 0.12 / 0.25D Steps)
Axis: 1 ~ 180° (1° Step)
Required Minimum Pupil: 2.0mm

Keratometer Measurement:
Radius Curvature: 5.00 ~ 10.00mm (0.01mm Step)
Refractive Power: 67.50 ~ 33.75D (n=1.3375)(0.01 / 0.12 / 0.25D Steps)
Astigmatism: 0 ~ ±10D (0.01 / 0.12 / 0.25D Steps)
Astigmatic Axis: 1 ~ 180° (1° Step)
Peripheral Measurement: 6.00mm (r=7.8)

Size Measurement: 0 ~ 12.7mm
Special Function: PK (Peripheral Keratometry) ILLUM (Retro-illumination) SIZE (Cornea / Pupil Size)
Target Chart: Auto fog system with scenery chart / Auto fog system with dots chart (Optional)
Display: Tiltable wide 7 inch TFT LCD, Luminance 400cd/m2, Resolution 800 x 480 Pixels

Printer: External thermal printer with auto loading & cutting
Interface: RS-232C (RX/TX), D-sub(Video out), RFID (Optional)
Dimension: 45.8 x 21 x 40.5cm (W x D x H)
Weight: Approx. 13kg
Power Supply: AC 100 – 240V, 5-/60Hz
Power Consumption: 55~ 85VA

*Subject to change in design and / or specifications without advanced notice.*

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 45.8 × 21 × 40.5 cm


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